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The Veil Audio Drama

Perception is Everything

Created by Matt Fowler. The Veil is a new sci-fi/ horror audio-drama anthology in the vein of beloved, dark, cutting-edge sci-fi series like The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each episode contains fully immersive soundscapes, original score, star-studded cast, and each script is written by a standout team of gifted writers from all over the world. This dark and twisted audio- drama is sure to titillate the depths of your otherwise dormant imaginations and leave you questioning the very concept of reality.


Space Ward

Never give up.

Space Ward is an epic neo-noir audio drama about survivors of a massive space attack... in therapy - like a cross between Mass Effect and In Treatment.

Galactic Marine Lieutenant Michael Stone has been charged with heading up the psych ward on the Gallant, a Sapien destroyer, and he doesn't like it. After a terrible attack that nearly destroyed the twelve species of the Galactic Coaltion all that is left is a small armada at the edge of space. Tensions are high and the stakes are even higher. Tune in to see what happens in The Space Ward!

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